Compete in high school esports in Georgia via GSEF!

 Late Registration is Open!

Brawhalla/Chess Late Registration 8:00 PM 2/22 - 4:00 PM on 3/1
Knockout City Late Registration 8:00 PM 2/23 - 4:00 PM on 3/2
Rocket League Late Registration 8:00 PM 2/24 - 4:00 PM on 3/3

How To Register

1. Create a coaches account on
2. Get your gamers to sign up as students.
3. Create teams with those gamers for desired competitions.
4. Register teams for the competitions.
(Scroll Below for Video How-To's)

Combined MS and HS Students

Competitive play for High School and Middle School Teams and Players is now available through GSEF! Competition is FREE and only open to Georgia students. Get your team, contact your coach, and register today!


Middle School Students Only 


Get Your Team Activated!

Have your coach register on our UGC Community Page or by individual title above. Check out the videos below to guide you through the registration process! 

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Need Help?

If your school is ready to get into the action in the above games, register your team today!  You can check the videos below or visit our YouTube page.


 Step 1: Making A Coach Account

 Step 2: Make a Gamer Account

 Step 3: Adding Gamers to Teams

Step 4: Add Your Team